Smart Club Solutions

Smart Membership

The Membership Management program at the core of our Smart Club Solutions

Our Smart Club Membership program empowers club management with comprehensive administration, information management, financial and communication features for use in the club office or with remote Smart Working.

Smart Membership is optimised when it is implemented as the hub at the centre of a wider Smart Club Solution, gathering valuable information from other Smart products such as Cards, Access and EPoS.

Remote log-on to Membership forms an important element in our Work Smarter drive, with comprehensive remote working capabilities for Club Managers when combined with anytime, anywhere access to the Smart Club Cloud which facilitates online invoice monitoring, payment processing and more.

Features & Benefits

Member Details

The program provides a valuable central resource of all member data. View member details at a glance.

Search by name, number or invoice number. Track members history, categorise memberships, assign individual interests and privileges, note family relations

Accounting & Banking

  • Use Smart Club Cloud to invoice, receive and monitor direct payments online
  • Account debits and credits
  • Quick and easy billing for members & categories
  • Detailed invoice creation per member or family
  • Account history at a glance or in print
  • Simple direct debit processing
  • Quick and easy allocation of members payments
  • Automatic lodgement reports: payments are sent to a bank lodgement report and stored

Smart Communication

Enhanced communication is a major feature with an advanced targeting filter, enabling you to stay in touch with members and promote your club with a range of methods:

  • Mail merge using Microsoft Word and Email
  • SMS text to individual members, groups or categories
  • Use Smart Club Cloud for more efficient online communications, billing and payment processing

Reporting Wizards

A flexible reporting wizard is a key part of the program. Member and financial reports are available by member(s) or category(ies). Reports can be customised and/or filtered and can be exported to a variety of different formats including Microsoft Word & Excel.

Work Smarter

Our investment in club centric innovation means we can enable Club managers to Work Smarter. Remote log-ons to Smart Membership combined with anytime, anywhere access to the Smart Club Cloud means managers or other authorised personnel now have the ability to complete all the functions normally carried out at the club office from any locations of their choice. Add online payment processing and daily online Smart Backup of all data, and the club office becomes truly virtual.