Smart Club Solutions

Smart Access

Member-specific Access permissions via proximity Smart Card or Fob & Smart Membership central management

Our Smart Access control solution, based on contactless proximity technology and Smart Card or Smart Fob activation, enables Club Management to grant member-only automated access to certain areas of the club’s grounds or premises.

The same Smart Card can then be used to make purchases on the club’s premises with all card activity recorded in the central Smart Membership system. All members are allocated a Smart Card or proximity keyfob to gain access to areas relevant to their profile within the club’s central Smart Membership system.

Features & Benefits

Access Software

Our Smart Access software communicates with the Club’s Smart Membership database when activated by a Member’s card or fob. The software checks that the Member is allowed access beyond the relevant door or gate given their category and profile and sends a signal back to the relevant access point to allow or deny access. While the main Smart Access software is installed in the general office, access points may be located within the clubhouse or some distance away at car parks, pitches or courts. Club management can be granted online access to monitor Member attendance and set access schedules remotely from any internet connection and management reports can be generated by fields such as cardholder, door, time or date period.

Electronic Readers

Our proximity readers are small electronic devices which are mounted at relevant entry points across a Club’s grounds and premises and which control the locking mechanism on doors and gates by ‘reading’ and checking a Member’s Smart Card. The majority of our readers are contactless proximity readers which can be activated by a Member holding a Club Smart Card or key fob close to the reader to gain access. Some of our Golf Clubs in Ireland use a GUI Smart Card which includes a magnetic stripe which has to be swiped through the reader so we also supply the relevant readers to these clubs.

Doors, Gates & Barriers

When an approved card or fob communicates with one of our readers, Smart Access confirms the individual as a paid-up Member and grants or denies access through the relevant door, gate or barrier. Access is granted based on the Member’s profile and permissions. For example, men cannot access female changing rooms, etc. In addition to automating your physical doors and gates to be electronically activated, we manage full integration with your existing security and electrical systems. We can also supply additional hardware such as external barriers. Many of our Smart Access project installations have included a wireless communication element to control gates and doors which are located a considerable distance away from the main clubhouse.

Time & Attendance

We have a Smart Reception product within our Access solution which is NOT used to open doors and gates. Rather, this optional module includes a Smart Card reader positioned at a manned reception which reads the Member’s Smart Card and displays an image of the Member on screen for staff verification. These images are gathered using a low cost camera in conjunction with the Smart Membership program. Smart Reception can also be deployed as a Time and Attendance solution to record the clocking in and out of staff.

Lighting Control

Smart Access can be used to control automatic lighting of outdoor tennis courts and training facilities as well as indoor snooker and games rooms. For example, when a Member presents their Smart Card at the card reader for a particular court, Smart Access can check their permissions within Smart Membership, deduct the appropriate fee from their Smart Card balance and activate the court lighting for a set period of time.

Total Project Management

While installations of our Smart Membership, EPoS, Stock Control and Smart Club Cloud products tend to be similar, Smart Access specifications differ greatly from Club to Club depending on number of doors, location of doors and gates, inclusion of automated lighting, wireless solutions or hard-wiring, requirement for groundworks, additional hardware, electrical integrations, etc. Whatever the final specification, we provide complete and comprehensive project management throughout rollout and installation. Through relevant partnerships, we can also deliver additional security solutions such as alarms and leading edge CCTV solutions across the UK and Ireland.