Smart Club Solutions

Smart Cards

Over 15 years experience developing and delivering Smart Card based technology solutions

Our Smart Cards have consistently been a key component in our Smart Membership program as it has evolved over the years and they continue to play an important role across our solutions including Access, EPoS and Membership.

We work closely with our customers to define the optimal Smart Card for each club and we manage full professional design and delivery of all cards. Members can use the single card for access and purchases and can top-up their balance online using the Smart Club Cloud.

Features & Benefits

Clubs & Smart Cards

Through our Membership, EPoS and Access solutions, the Smart Cards enable management to track member access and attendance information along with spending patterns at the clubhouse and to tailor promotional communications accordingly. Given the convenience of Smart Cards and discounted rates enjoyed by members, they have been proven to increase spend-per-head. Cards also act as a promotional medium and provide clubs with an opportunity to offer sponsorship opportunities to third parties, creating a valuable revenue stream and in many cases making an important contribution to the purchase of our system.

Smart Card Benefits to Clubs

  • Improve cashflow
  • Increase frequency of usage
  • Increase loyalty
  • Increase revenues
  • Increase profitability
  • Control secure access
  • Reduce cash errors & theft
  • Reduce float requirements
  • Speed till transactions
  • Generate sponsorship revenues
  • Monitor real-time member activity, attendance, spend
  • Tailor marketing promotions

Members & Smart Cards

Members use their Membership Smart Card with Smart Access to gain access to the club’s grounds, club house or specific areas within these locations. The same Smart Card can be used to make purchases in the clubhouse, usually through a prepaid and/or discounted mechanism. With the launch of our Smart Club Cloud, members are now able to go online to view their Card balances and to transfer funds to top-up their Cards remotely in additional to traditional payment methods.

Loyalty / Discount Card for Members

Many clubs use the Smart Card as a loyalty card where members receive a discount on bar prices paid by non-members. Usually, bar prices are increased for non-members to fall into line with standard pricing in local bars. Discount levels may vary by category of member and/or product. This increases profit as non Smart Card users, i.e. visitors, pay more.

Pre-payment on Cards

By introducing a pre-payment as part of the annual subscription, clubs benefit from a cash injection at the start of each year with obvious cash flow advantages. The member can then spend the pre-payment on items approved by the club (eg. bar only). If a member spends the pre-payment they can top-up their Smart Card balance at the till or office or now online via the Smart Club Cloud. Any pre-payment monies not spent within an agreed period can be retained by the club.

Corporate Cards

Smart Cards can be given to corporate clients, sponsors and visiting teams. This will give the club/customer tighter control of spend as all transactions are paid for by Smart Card. The office can then produce a professional statement of account for payment and if required a full sales audit. The Card may include a discount element.