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Smart Club Cloud

Smart Payments: Join, Pay Invoices, Top-Up, Book with the Revolutionary Smart Club Cloud. Logon anytime, anywhere. Empowering clubs and members while delivering savings and driving profits

Our Smart Club Cloud is much more than an online payment processing platform. We continue to expand the original online payment capabilities for Members with enhanced features of benefit to both Clubs and Members.

Such features include online member registration, online invoicing and payment processing, monthly payment options, GDPR management, communications by email and text message, membership management for families, contact directories and secure areas for members only documentation. Recent developments also include court booking and payments, coaching management and online booking and payment processing for summer camps, training courses and social events. Many of these features are being used by our sports and social clubs in the UK and Ireland including Yacht clubs, Tennis clubs, GAA clubs, Golf clubs, Rugby clubs, Cricket clubs as well as various private members clubs, associations and companies.

Features & Benefits

Clubs in the Cloud

Diverse benefits of the SmartClubCloud to clubs include improved cashflow as well as operational efficiencies and savings with reduced paperwork, administration costs, till time, postage costs, banking fees, staffing and debtor days. Clubs can use the Cloud to post notices, manage GDPR, publish club documentation, collect secure online member payments for registrations, annual invoices, smart card top-ups, booking fees and more. Managers can also deactivate users and unblock member passwords. We also provide useful integrations with other third party providers.

Members in the Cloud

Members can log on to SmartClubCloud from any internet-enabled device such as PC, laptop, iPad or SmartPhone. Once logged in, they will be able to view and amend their personal details held on record by the club, view their account information and Smart Card balance, securely pay club invoices and transfer funds to their Smart Card for use in the clubhouse. New members can sign-up and pay, while 'heads of family' can pay invoices on behalf of other family members. More recent features include the ability to book into social events and training camps, book tennis courts or other facilities, opt to share contact details with other members, view club documentation, indicate communication preferences, and access other third party integrations. Changes made are synchronised in real-time in the club’s Smart Membership database.

Smart Payments: Join, Pay Invoices, Top-Up, Book

Our SmartClubCloud is a powerful and feature-rich online payment processing platform. New members can login to join and pay registration fees, selecting their desired payment option and category of membership. Existing members can view and pay club invoices, while 'heads of family' can also pay invoices on behalf of their other family members. Members can also top-up their smart card account to pay for purchases at our EPOS tills in the club bar or shop, or to use at payable access and court lighting control points at the club. Payments can also be collected for online bookings of social events, tennis courts, and training and coaching camps.

Online Event Booking & Payment

Club managers can create events and publish them in the Cloud so that Members can login to book and pay for their place at the events. This enables clubs to take up-front payments for bookings for many types of social events and training camps and coaching sessions. Clubs can publish many events simultaneously in different categories, vary price depending on category of membership, and limit the number of spaces available at each event if required.

Online Coaching Management

Our online Coaching Management solution empowers club coaches to create coaching sessions, setting dates, number for spaces, course fees, and most importantly, choosing which individuals members are able to view relevant coaching sessions. So, while club-wide coaching camps may be published via our Event Management solution, the Coaching Management enables coaches to 'cherry pick' individuals, perhaps based on ability, and then to ensure that only those persons can view the relevant coaching sessions to book and pay for online.