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The Leading Irish Tennis Solution: Smart & CM365

Posted by Michael O’Carroll on 06 Dec 2021 in Company NewsProduct News

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since we posted a review of our tennis solutions at the end of 2020 when a major focus was on the resolve of clubs and members during Covid and the work undertaken by both Smart and Club Manager 365 (CM365) to assist clubs through those times. You can click here for a reminder of those developments.

Over the past year the Smart Club and CM365 partnership has continued to deliver for a growing customer-base of clubs both in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and is now the leading independent solutions provider to the Irish Tennis sector.

Recent features added to the integrated solution include News items flagged in the Smart Club Cloud also being alerted to members via CM365 App, and the addition of WTN numbers and ranking within the Smart Club Cloud and CM365 Booking App.

Another recent popular feature is the Smart tap of card or fob to check-in against court bookings in CM365. With this approach our card or fobs are scanned at one of our readers to record attendance and if relevant to take a charge from the member’s club balance. The member is marked up as checked-in which makes it straightforward for clubs to report on and charge for non-attendance. This approach complements the GPS approach from CM365 whereby members can check-in on their smart phone.

Such enhancements build-on the existing Smart/CM365 integrated solution which includes single online registration to both systems, single member log-in to both, access to CM365 via the Smart Cloud and vice versa, streamlined payments from Smart balance for CM365 booking fees, and any changes in the Smart Membership database (new members, change of category, block access, etc.) feeding through seamlessly to CM365.

Clearly, the CM365 court booking solution (with leagues and ladders) has been an important addition to the Smart Club Cloud (for payments, coaching, event booking, fundraising..) and both companies have re-affirmed their commitment to continually innovate and deliver for clubs across Ireland. Indeed, we are also attracting a growing number of enquiries from the clubs in the UK who are finding shortfalls in features and service levels from current suppliers.

So, what will the coming months have in store? We don’t want to say too much at this stage but look out for the new e-shop, our new app and tennis-specific features such as smartphone-based lighting control. We look forward to delivering these features and more during the year ahead as we continue to work in partnership with our clubs.