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Smart GDPR: Helping Clubs with GDPR Compliance

Posted by Michael O’Carroll on 21 May 2018 in Company NewsSupport & Training

With the introduction of the GDPR on May 25th, Smart Club Solutions can assist Clubs in meeting their obligations under the regulation. We provide the tools for Clubs to easily and effectively register members, gain consents, manage data, communicate with members and process transactions in a GDPR compliant manner. Here are just a few of the ways we can help:

* Our Membership Database (and Members Cloud) equips Club administrators with extensive features for comprehensive data management. The standard fields as well as the ability to create additional tick-box criteria and user-defined drop-down menus enable Club managers and administrators to record all relevant data against each member.

* The Smart Club Cloud for Members enables Clubs to ask Members to register online, and within the data collection, explicitly record Members consents and opt-in agreements linked to key criteria and policies.

* Members can log-in to amend their settings and preferences (eg. op-out) in our Cloud, and Clubs can report on any changes via our Cloud reporting features. Members can also view and update some of their personal information held in the Club database.

* Reporting features enable the Club to report on GDPR relevant items such as Member preferences and Members who have yet to opt-in, while communication features enable the Club to send specific messages to those individuals as a group.

* Our Cloud registration enables parents to register their children online with a Club and express their preferences in terms of communications and acceptance of policies.

We have added some of these features recently with a view to GDPR compliance, while other features have been in place for many years as part of our core Smart Membership database solution. You can read more about our Membership, Cloud, Smart Card, EPOS till, Stock Control, Access Control and Online Booking solutions at

You may also consult our updated policies at advice for Clubs at

Please contact if you would like to explore our solutions further.