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Smart Club Solutions for ALL Sectors

Posted by Michael O’Carroll on 19 Mar 2020 in Club News

Over recent months we have enjoyed working with new customers across a range of sectors in England and Ireland.

Our diverse projects in England have spanned membership databases, online member cloud payment solutions, epos tills and smart cards for Yacht Clubs and Cricket Clubs and membership management and online booking solutions for a Tennis Club, with two private members clubs in Manchester and London also adding access control.

Similar projects in Ireland have been carried out at a range of tennis clubs, where our new online payment, booking and coaching platforms are proving most popular, while our combined membership database and online payment solutions integrated with our epos tills and smart membership cards continue to deliver results for our GAA clubs.

We’ve even started working on a couple of innovative projects in the environmental recycling and agriculture sectors.

We’re always keen to explore new ideas so if you’d like to get in touch to brainstorm how we assist with your project please send a line to