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Smart Cloud: Helping Clubs Get Back to Business While Maintaining Distancing

Posted by Michael O’Carroll on 28 Apr 2020 in Product NewsClub News

As restrictions are gradually lifted over the coming weeks and months and clubs aim to return to some form of ‘new normality’ it is likely that social distancing will remain in place to a greater or lesser extent for a period of time.

In a previous item we outlined how our Smart Club Cloud platform facilitates effective remote working, offering features such as online registration, invoicing, collection of payments, publishing of club documentation, as well as communications with your members by email and text message.

In addition, we have found in recent days that there has been a significant increase in interest in our own online event/camp booking, our integrated court booking solution (delivered in partnership with, and access control. There is an expectation that in order to re-open and in order to provide a safe environment for staff and members, clubs may have to meet certain criteria in relation to management of number of members attending the club at any given time. Our access and booking solutions greatly assist in meeting such scheduling and control objectives.

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