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Re-Opening Irish Tennis Clubs: Smart Club Solutions & ClubManager365 in Partnership

Posted by Michael O’Carroll on 05 May 2020 in Product NewsClub News

Irish Tennis is open for business. We are currently working closely with many tennis clubs across Ireland as they prepare for phased re-opening over the coming weeks. Many of our new features are viewed as having an integral role in ensuring clubs meet recommended guidelines and protocols for social distancing and responsible membership engagement.

* NEW COURT BOOKING & MANAGEMENT: we have worked closely with our dedicated Court Booking integration partner, ClubManager365, exploring the addition of new features in our Cloud to assist clubs with a return to work. Such features will facilitate rules such as singles only, staggering / overlapping court time allocations, introducing gaps in the booking schedule, compulsory naming of both players in the system at the time of booking, and more. This new development will enable clubs to implement strict and controlled scheduling, minimise contact and interaction between players on different courts, avoid players meeting each other as they come off and go on court, and importantly, provide detailed reporting of who is/was court at particular dates and times for contact traceability. This new update has been welcomed most positively at many clubs already. Combined with our contactless Access Control, Lighting Control, Coaching/Event Management and Smart Sanitizers, it helps deliver a comprehensive COURT MANAGEMENT SOLUTION.

* NEW CONTACTLESS SMART SANITIZERS: (See Photo Above) We have added innovative new pole mounted automatic hand sanitiser units to our product portfolio. These mobile units can be located around the clubhouse and grounds or courts where relevant. They are available in a desktop or free standing pole options. Once you add the sanitiser gel a member simply places their hand beneath the infrared sensor to activate a release. There is no contact, no pressing buttons, etc.

* Smart Cloud for Member Payments & Booking: a wealth of online functionality for members in addition to the new Court Booking measures highlighted above. Members can also register online selecting whether to pay in full or in monthly instalments, update their contact details, view and pay club invoices, top-up their smart card balance for use at tills and access and lighting control, view member only club documentation, book and pay for their place at forthcoming scheduled events such as training camps, publish their contact details for other members to view to facilitate matches and more. With a view to club operations, there is no need for members to attend a club office.

* Smart Membership & Coaching Management: effective membership management, whether at the club or working remotely from home, again minimising contact and physical interaction between staff and members. Remote member administration, communications by SMS text message / email /letter, invoicing, payment processing, management reporting. Coaches are also empowered to create and schedule coaching sessions for specific groups of individuals so only those individuals will see those events in the Cloud, again managing numbers of members at the clubhouse at any one time.

* Contactless Cards and Fobs for Tills, Access Control and Lighting Control: Our contactless cards and fobs, combined with prepaid policies, reduce the need for cash handling, hand-to-hand transactions and use of key pads for access or tokens for lighting control. Access Control and Smart Reception modules also allow for accurate reporting of member attendance and traceability.

In summary, we have worked with Tennis Clubs across Ireland for almost 15 years and we continue to innovate and diversify our offering to meet your requirements. In the current environment that has meant introducing and developing new features, facilitating new protocols, and supplying new equipment with the objective of providing a sustainable safe environment for staff and members while continuing to build successful clubs.

Looking forward to exploring how we can help your club…