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Optimising Club Operations with a Smart Club Solution

Posted by Michael O’Carroll on 16 Jan 2014 in General Interest

I am the newest team member at Smart Club Solutions. As a marketing consultant, I have worked with many companies over the last 15 years, from start-ups to companies with turnover in excess of £500million.

While I help such companies increase their profitability and value by increasing their sales through effective marketing, all of them are equally interested in increasing value and profitability by controlling costs and optimising operations.

The customers of Smart Club Solutions (our Clubs) are no different. Clubs are run as commercial entities which seek to be successful by serving their shareholders (their members) and this means driving revenues while controlling costs and delivering an effective service.

An integrated Smart Club Solution can assist in achieving all of these objectives. Reduce costs and improve operations and processes through the communication, reporting and overall management advantages offered by Smart Membership and Smart EPoS and Stock Control solutions. Remove additional financial and administration burden from your Club while delivering for your Members by introducing the Smart Club Cloud so your Members can go online anytime themselves to top-up their Smart Cards, pay Club invoices and update their personal information. Drive revenues with commercial sponsorship opportunities, strategic Smart Card usage in your bars and restaurants and timely communications and promotions via Smart Membership, resulting in Member loyalty and membership growth. Optimise administration by enabling your managers to work from home or other remote locations through our new Smart Working features. These are just examples of ways in which we deliver for many Clubs.

A Smart Club Solution is exactly that, a smart integrated technology solution which will deliver for your Club and Members.

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