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Smart Online Membership Payments: Easy Registrations, Invoicing, Payment Processing & Mark Up

Posted by Michael O’Carroll on 09 Oct 2020 in Product NewsClub News

As the majority of our clubs across Tennis, GAA, Yacht, Football, Rugby and more will be invoicing their members over the coming months for the new calendar year ahead, we thought it would be useful to highlight the range of new payment options which now exist with your Smart Membership database and Members Cloud.

Invoicing Current Members & Our New PayLink: Get Your Money In Quicker!

For those clubs who invoice members on an annual basis, whether it’s on anniversary of join-date or whether it is a once-per-year invoice run, our customers will already be familiar with our straightforward approach where invoices are generated based on category charge and including any supplementary charges which the administrator wishes to add. Invoices can then be sent in batch by email as well as printed.

Clubs using our Members Cloud will of course be accustomed to many members opting to pay their invoice online by logging in, selecting the appropriate invoice displayed within their account and clicking through to carry out a secure payment.

NOW, we have streamlined this process further so the email which the member receives includes a PayLink so the member can simply click this link and be brought straight to a secure payment page to complete the transaction WITHOUT the need to login to the Members Cloud.

There are important benefits to this new feature. With a simple click-to-pay button, members are likely to pay quicker which obviously impacts positively on club cashflow. There is also no need for the member to have to remember their username or password details, avoiding any potential inconvenience for the member or the club (although there are reminder features within the system).

As with ALL payments in our Cloud, these are automatically allocated to the Member’s invoice as paid so there is no additional marking up required on the part of the club administrator and full reports are available on all payments and bookings.

The PayLink feature is available now for all our Cloud users and should have a very positive impact with forthcoming invoice runs.

Signing-up New Members Online

While the new invoice PayLink will make life easier for the club and for existing members, we also offer online registration pages so NEW members can sign-up to join the club online, completing relevant details which automatically populate the club’s membership database, and selecting their membership category and payment plan from a list of options. Payment options may include upfront single payments as well as monthly direct debit plans if offered by the club. Similar to the Club’s Member Cloud area, this registration page can be branded with the club’s logo and club colours.

So, whether it is invoicing and processing payments from current members or signing up and taking payments from new members, our Smart Club Cloud provides streamlined end-to-end processing for all scenarios. If you are a current Smart customer but you are not using the Cloud yet, please get in touch if you would like to use these features. Of course, the Cloud also manages payments for event booking, facility booking, coaching and fundraising but that is for another day!