Smart Club Solutions

Smart Club Cloud

Work Smarter with the Revolutionary Smart Club Cloud. Logon anytime, anywhere. Empowering clubs and members while delivering savings and driving profits

We are most excited to be launching our Smart Club Cloud solution which brings a new range of valuable benefits for both our Clubs and Members. Indeed, many of our clubs share our excitement!

The Cloud forms an important element in our Work Smarter drive, with comprehensive remote working capabilities for Club Managers when combined with remote log-on to Smart Membership and our new online secure Backup service.

Features & Benefits

Clubs in the Cloud

Diverse benefits of the SmartClubCloud to clubs include improved cashflow as well as operational efficiencies and savings with reduced paperwork, administration costs, till time, postage costs, banking fees, staffing and debtor days. Clubs can use the Cloud to post notices and monitor secure online member payments as well as deactivate users and unblock member passwords. Clubs can also offer sponsorship opportunities to companies who would like their logo to appear on their members Smart Club Cloud page, generating new revenue streams.

Members in the Cloud

Members are now able to log on to SmartClubCloud at any location from any internet-enabled device such as PC, laptop, iPad or SmartPhone. Once logged in, they will be able to view and amend their personal details held on record by the club, view their account information and Smart Card balance, securely pay club invoices and transfer funds to their Smart Card for use in the clubhouse. Changes made are synchronised in real-time in the club’s Smart Membership database.

Work Smarter

Our investment in club centric innovation means we can enable Club managers to Work Smarter. Remote logon to Smart Membership combined with anytime, anywhere access to the Smart Club Cloud means managers or other authorised personnel now have the ability to complete all the functions normally carried out at the club office on our Membership and EPoS programs from any location of their choice. Add daily online Smart Backup of all data, and the club office can become truly virtual.